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Together towards sustainable mobility

We believe that by replacing the majority of car trips in cities with active and shared, sustainable and reasoned mobility, we can reduce the amount of CO₂ emissions and improve lives in our communities. 

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We have to move quickly. In order to have an impact on the climate change, we need to change our mobility habits today. Let’s not forget: the atmospheric excess of CO₂ takes more than a 100 years to be reabsorbed. Everyone’s investment, even modest, has a significant impact on our development.

Mael Bosson

CEO & Founder, eBikeLabs

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About eBikeLabs

Founded in 2015 by Maël Bosson, Raphaël Marguet, Pierre-Louis Jourdan and Cyrille Romera, the tech start-up eBikeLabs offers software solutions to problems related to e-bike sharing fleets (theft, high maintenance and operational costs…) to accelerate the adoption of e-bike fleets in all European cities. Today eBikeLabs has 16 employees and plans to open 30 new positions in the coming years.

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