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eBikeBrain is an upgradable controller firmware powered by AI. With eBikeBrain, build reliable, robust e-bikes that generate ROI right from design, reduce power consumption, and let your clients minimize repair costs. Add anti-theft, and automatic diagnostic to reduce maintenance, and increase vehicle availability. Power your e-bikes with a firmware that adapts to your needs and designs.
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eBikeBrain offers real-time automatic diagnostics, as well as manual diagnostics to keep e-bikes sound and running on the street and avoid losing time and money. With our automatic diagnostics, the maintenance team can quickly determine root problems without a mechanic’s intervention or systematically sending e-bikes to the warehouse.

diagnostic connected e-bike

Manual diagnostics

Pedalling sensor check (out of order or unplugged), internal motor resistance check, and motor control check.
automated maintenance connected e-bike

Automatic diagnostics

Pedalling sensor malfunction detection (out of order or unplugged), component communication check, and detection of battery cut-off while driving.
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Provide riders with the perfect cycling experience – even without a mechanical torque sensor – and motor brake. Power? Safety? The assistance feeling is unique and tailored to your requirements. And you will always be in control with our adaptable parameters. We continuously work on our eBikeRide service to bring you the latest technology, guaranteeing you stay on top of the competition.

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Flexible and pleasant assistance, even without torque sensor.
Assistance is highly customizable and optimizes battery management.

motor brake connected e-bike


Motor to assist manual braking.
The MotorBrake can be automatically triggered when riders reach a set speed limit.
* Requires a braking sensor and a direct drive or clutchless motor.
theft with
motor lock
eBikeLock, the electronic lock for e-bikes


Prevent hijacking and theft with our customizable electronic motor lock. eBikeLock requires no mechanical component, it is unbreakable and works without consuming battery power.
It is compatible with direct drive or clutchless motors and can be activated or deactivated through CAN. When, who, and where the motor lock can be triggered are customizable settings.

Secure communication & Regulation compliance

CAN communication

Encrypted communication with any CAN device.
Proprietary protocol based on the shared e-bike standard.

CAN updates

Safe remote updates through CAN.

Compliance with regulations


our support
eBikeLabs consulting services and client support

Consulting services

eBikeLab’s team is focused on improving eBikeBrain continuously. You would like to use our awesome product but you have specific needs? We offer our motor control and software development expertise as a consulting service to implement your feature ideas, from concept to production release.

Client support

Simplicity, reactivity and efficiency are the key to successful relationships. This is why we base our support on high quality service level agreements (SLA) with short acknowledgment time and optimized relief time. This guarantees our expert team will always be there for you and that we will put all the effort to solve any issue quickly and sustainably.

Compatible hardware

As we want to offer our customers’ flexibility, eBikeBrain is not bound to a specific hardware controller.
You may choose between making your own controller hardware, or buying a compatible hardware from our partner.

Make your own controller hardware

There are plenty reasons why it may be convenient or necessary to build your own controller: a frame with limited space; high performance requirements; additional components you need to communicate with; specific features you have in mind; or merging IOT and controller.

If you are in any of these scenarios, we provide the support you need to ensure your controller hardware matches your expectations and runs eBikeBrain smoothly. We also provide design to manufacturing (DFM) partners to assist you.

Buy compatible controller hardware

If you don’t have specific hardware requirements, you may work with our partner. Your controller hardware will be fully compatible with our firmware.

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