Pendix enters e-bike fleet market

About Pendix GmbH

Pendix GmbH manufactures electric drives that turn almost any bicycle into an e-bike. The Pendix eDrive has been on the market since September 2015. Noiseless, compact, simple and aesthetic, it fits onto almost any bike. Pendix customers are bike manufactures, retailers as well as end-customers who are looking to convert their already existing bikes into electric bicycles. After successful product delivery on the market, Pendix has decided to enter e-bike fleet market, where they quickly have grown strong in the field of fleet customers, including e-bike sharing and delivery services (postal, mail carriers).


At the beginning of the journey, when Pendix came to the decision to digitize the product in the form of a combination with a smartphone app, they were looking for a partner to support them with app development and connectivity expertise. Now, Pendix is expanding their product offerings. Their goal is not only to deliver a comprehensive product which includes eDrive system, but also software services around it, especially in the field of fleet management and maintenance solutions.

eBikeLabs Solution

IT Consulting & Expertise: full development and design of the mobile and web application for users and retailers.

SaaS: turn-key e-bike fleet management web platform to manage and operate e-bike fleet.

  • e-Bike fleet state of health/state of charge
  • Notification system to send alerts in case of failure
  • Automatic maintenance workflow assignment
  • Reporting on usage

eBikeLabs is doing a well structured and organized job. They are steadily working on projects and try to figure out the customers’ needs to get a feeling of the big picture.

 Christian Hennig, CTO Pendix


1. Pendix chose eBikeLabs as a key partner and advisor in building an IT ecosystem, including development of web and mobile applications and connectivity communication.

2. eBikeLabs supported Pendix to enter e-bike fleet market by delivering already running e-bike fleet management to complete their product offering and bring added value to the customers.

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