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“ Electric bike manufacturers, assemblers, take advantage of the introduction of new connected services to increase your sales, develop additional revenues and sustain your business. „

The strong growth of the VAE market is a great opportunity to develop your sales and your brand image, but it brings new challenges.

The connectivity provided by our solutions allows you, through a complete ecosystem, based on the users, to retain your customers, to better know your users, and to develop your next product generation.
  • Better after-sale services management
  • Cost reduction
  • More efficient maintenance
  • User statistics
  • Additional sales
  • Differentiation
  • Customers fidelity

Why a connected ebike?

The connectivity of the motor system allows to improve the cyclist’s experience, with dedicated applications for multiple uses, mobility uses (eBikeControl), leisure, tourism, (eBikeMaps) sport (eBikeSport). These applications offer essential services to cyclists: securing the ebike, navigation with battery management, health coaching …

The connectivity improves the management of the after-sale service with a  real-time feedback of the state of the motor systems but also the promotion of your brand. By making the display optional, connectivity may be a source of cost savings for the electric bike..

Partners !

It’s a real partnership approach that develops eBikeLabs with you, allowing you to put on the market electric bikes adapted to the use of your customers. By integrating our solutions, you benefit from the brand image of eBikeLabs connected applications validated by more than 10,000 users.

We also offer you to integrate your e-bikes into our solution for fleet managers : connect eBike fleet.


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