Take control of your e-bike design.
Make its controller intelligent.

Have you heard about our virtual torque sensor? At eBikeLabs, we simplify your e-bike design by replacing hardware with AI. This reduces hardware hassle. And to top it up, we continuously bring our new technology to foster your innovation.

For sturdier shared e-bikes

Use our controller intelligence to put safe and profitable shared e-bikes on the streets.

For innovative retail e-bikes

Design your e-bike dream model: innovative, reliable, cost-effective, and for all.

Our partners

“eBikeLabs innovative systems have the potential to become future standards in the industry for e-bike fleet operators. I myself rode the e-bike powered by eBikeLabs, tested the anti theft system, and I was really impressed.”

Nicola Dallatana, Head of New e-Mobility, Toyota Tsusho Europe

“eBikeLabs is doing a well structured and organized job. They are steadily working on projects and try to figure out the customers’ needs to get a feeling of the big picture.”

 Christian Hennig, CTO, Pendix

eBikeLabs Crowdequity Campaign

We are looking for citizen participation to develop our innovations in Europe and to act for the climate emergency. We want to develop a more sustainable mobility in cities and create jobs in Europe. By acting together through entrepreneurship, we can make big changes happen. Join us!
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